Let There Be Slower Dawn!
With Orsolya Barna

A Slower Dawn! Trafó Gallery, Buadapest, 2021
— The previous chapter of this project was part of the Imagined Kinship exhibition ⇝

In the wake of the regime change, after a half-century-long dormancy and exile, Hungarist and nazi movements grew stronger in Hungary again. Their groups were able to gain ground in part simply because, following the fall of the socialist regime, there was no clear legal framework for sanctions against hate speech. Thus, the leaders of these groups were able to build a base for themselves under the protection of the newly acquired political rights: the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, and free party formation. In this project, we journey through the escape route of an abandoned neonazi party headquarter and explore the rise of the far-right from the early '90s to the times when they transformed into mainstream parties.