Wild Garden Utopia
with: Kitti Gosztola

— video screening: Upon Us All Equally. tranzit statements for the future, tranzit.org,
      Bucharest, 2019
— workshop series: Wild Garden Utopia, Morning Boat, Jersey, 2018–2019
— exhibition and workshop series: Travelling with a blind map, Kisterem Gallery,
      Budapest, 2018
      participants: Orsolya Barna, Sára Bagdi, Eszter Márkus, Manirathnam Murugesan,
      Jainuddin Shaikh, Kató Somos, Lili Varga
— instagram: Wild Garden Utopia

The Wild Garden Utopia takes place in an ecosystem emerged from the ruins of our ecosystem. The land is dominated by the pioneer species Japanese knotweed. The plant is the key resource for human survival.
From an anthropocentric point of view, this introduced plant that can destroy infrastructure is harmful, but in its natural habitat, the hostile volcanic land, it is the first plant capable of breaking through the lava and pioneering for other living organisms. In the city, it just does the same thing with concrete. It's building a new ecosystem in the hostile urban lands.
In our utopia instead of green xenophobic demonization of the Japanese knotweed, we consider ourselves as the part of this ecosystem and use it as food, to build, and to play. Our fusion cuisine combines traditional itadori (the Japanese name of the plant) recipes and western elements. We build Buckminster Fuller-inspired nomadic tensegrity structures. We make musical instruments that are common around the world.

Wild Garden Utopia at Kisterem Gallery Budapest

Japanese knotweed pavlova cake and sushi